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"We have used Wald to manage our condo building for 7 years and counting. When we first hired them our condo association was a total mess; from several years of deferred maintenance, unpaid bills and ugly lawsuits. Liz and her team guided our association and our building back to health over the next couple of years. Without their expertise, resources, ability to think outside-the-box and solve problems, and their massive amounts of patience, there is a real chance that everyone in the building would have ended up in foreclosure. And by being an honest broker between the owners they helped resolve multiple disputes, which helped make living there far more pleasant than it otherwise would have been. They also helped us avoid additional lawsuits. 

The bottom line is that they saved our building and our collective sanity by knowing their business. They could have charged us 10 times their regular fee and the ROI would still have been well worth it. 

If you have a condo association hire Wald Management and get to know Liz and Megan. Their knowledge and experience will save your sanity and help you maximize the value of your investment."
~ Jim C.


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"Great to deal with. Fixed things when broken quickly and my apartment is way under market value. Cleaned hallways weekly always shoveled and salted back stairs... Literally every time it snowed."
~ Zach N.



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"I've lived in 5 apts in Chicago now and Wald Management is by far the best company I have dealt with. The office has consistently responded to my requests and concerns promptly and respectfully, usually within hours of my initial phone call or email. Maintenance requests have been dealt with also in a timely and effective manner, usually within a day or two. The contractors they have sent have also been reliable and professional. The building upkeep is great; they actually send someone to come clean it regularly! The apt I currently rent from them is probably the best (and surprisingly affordable) apt I've lived in and I consider myself very lucky."
~ V.V.



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"I'm on the board of my condo association, we've used Wald for 3 years now and have had a good experience. 
We're not the most experienced or organized association, so there are a lot of emails back and forth - and to Wald.   Liz is very responsive to emails, I've never felt blown off so far, and she genuinely tries to help/address concerns.
I wasn't sure what to expect when we started with Wald. I just knew that most of the companies we'd contacted weren't interested in managing smaller buildings like ours. I guess I assumed that whoever we chose would treat us like an afterthought, and I'm glad to say that's not the case."
~ Shira R.



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"Wald has been the best realty company I've ever worked with.   During my time in their unit, things went wrong (as they do), but Wald was incredibly responsive.  A maintenance person was always sent immediately and problems were resolved in less than 24 hours.  I always felt safe and accommodated while living with Wald Management.  I have recommended them to many friends who feel the same."
~ Kari K.



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"I have lived at Wald managed property for the past 3 years. In all, the experience has been good. Wald has worked with me several times when certain situations came-up and needed to be addressed. The people in the office were never rude, uncaring or simply thought of me as just number. My emails and phone calls have always been returned
My maintenance issues were handled right away.  I was always kept in the loop for anything that needed to be done. Wald and I haven't always agreed on everything, but the reason behind their decisions was always explained and balanced. I know that I am renting someone's property and cannot have it my way all the time. After all, this is a business. 
The property I stayed at was always clean and safe. The snow was plowed right away and never felt I was going to endanger myself. My neighbors were also fantastic."
~ Israel D.



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"I have recommended Wald Management to a few people already, just because I've been extremely happy with them while renting with them twice. 

Both apartments were clean, in excellent condition, and reasonably priced. One apartment had two rooms painted something other than white. Since I didn't like the colors, they offered to let me pick out  two new colors for the room, and they painted them (and did a good job)! 

I noticed that the other apartment I rented with them had some scuffs/scratches on the wood floor throughout and tile kitchen (that couldn't be taken care of with a normal cleaning). They offered to refinish the wood floor for me before I moved in. It was taken care of and the floor looked beautiful. They also gave the kitchen tile a thorough bleach scrubbing as well (like hands and knees style) and it was gleaming afterward. 

They also refinished the bath tub for me - just because I asked them! Don't think that I'm the pickiest person ever or that these apartments weren't OK to live in before, but I do like to try and ask for things. Oh, and they put in electrical outlets in a room that didn't have one where I wanted one. 

Trust me, this is an honest company that will treat you well. And I've always gotten my deposit money back with interest."
~ Lindsey N.



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"When I find something good, I stick with it.  Case in point--the apartment building managed by Wald that I lived in for almost 10 (!) years.   Yes, I said ten years...longer than most marriages.
Not only was the apartment in a great location, but the building itself was well-maintained and always very clean.  The engineers were top-notch and always very friendly.   One engineer in particular--Luis--I swear could fix anything, was really hard-working & respectful, and the type of guy who would go above and beyond.   
I only had to call the management company a handful of times--either because there were so few issues or I'm just very low maintenance--but at least in my case they always responded in a timely fashion.  
Anna, their office manager, was very helpful when I needed to sublet the apartment, and my security deposit was refunded within thirty days."
~ Diane H.




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